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The world of Kahina is beauty drawn by the cultural history of the north African countries known as the “great Maghreb”. It is the result of an inheritance that is not only Berber, Arab, Muslim, Jewish or African: it is all at the same time. It is a synthesis of a mythical world, a Berber Arab cultural space included between the Mediterranean Sea, the Sahel, the Atlantic Ocean and Egypt.

A mythical country: I travel the roads of the old Berber kingdom in search of its artistic heritage.
Each item offered is unique for its natural and original stone, for its rarity, for its authentically Arabo-Berber or sub-Saharan pendant that was selected in the medinas of North Africa, Kabyle villages, and in the African Tuareg markets. 

Welcome to the world of Lakahina!

Our service and prices are unbeatable:


    • All items are unique 
    • All items are 100% handmade 
    • We pay a lot of attention updating the site however we are not responsible if any mistake occurs. 
    • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied (should be received –  30 days after purchase)
    • All items are with VAT & shipping included in the card!
  • Importation and associated costs, taxes, duties are buyers responsibility       

We are here to serve you, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any remarks, questions.

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We call “Mahlem” the master who transmits his art.

I found Lakahina in a small medina juggling with the harmonies of the stones that make up the splendour of women. 

She combines modernity in a firework of semi-precious (gems) stones colours. She uses Berber’s components of the Atlas, Kabylie and the entire Maghreb.
She became my friend. She never travelled outside Morocco but her art goes beyond the frontiers today!

Berber handcraft (French language) amazing document:  These de loubna Triki artisanat berbere

Berber culture finds its origins in the remote proto-historic, its seen in the unbreakable bond to the earth ,the sense of community, the relationship with the sacred, and hospitality. The craft is also one of the ways of the expression in this traditional culture; this authentic art has long been mistaken and even marginalized in front of a very advanced industrialization. It’s time to inform everybody about all the codes of an endangered ancestral knowledge.The Berber art itself is an abstract art, it is a primitive art, a pure creation of the mind guided by deep instinct and ageless traditions. This reproduces forms and techniques dating back to the Bronze Age, proven by history and anthropology. Starting from the rough materials: stone, clay, wood … and ancestral gestures learned from mothers to daughters, they shape the clay, sculpts (carve) cedar, or weave silk. The craftswomen/men follow a secular codified aesthetic language using geometric signs witch symbolize the rites of civilization. Over time the meaning of these images has probably changed, but it remains a testament (witness).